Who is Farfadex ?

A cool kid since 90's !

I am Robin. Born in Paris and raised in Lacanau – small village in the South West of France where the day is rythme by the waves and sunshine.
Every summer Lacanau hosted the Lacanau pro, a great competition in the WSL calendar. This is the oldest professional competition in France from 1979.
I got an early connection with sports and nature.
I have started to travel with my mates from the Topa crew in Indonesia for a surf trip and I felt in love with the lifestyle : freelance photography, tropical landscapes, good time with my surfer friends …
After this experience I kept on travelling to North Africa and South America, where I saw how beautiful is our Planet. I love to discover new places, explore the unknown.
Back home I decided to buy my first camera and I started shooting my friends who surfed.
I learnt everything by myself by practicing and dreaming ! Creating something beautiful from my backyard.
In 2013 I decided to move to Australia, I travelled all long the west coast of Western Australia, this is where I realised that I would love to be a professional photographer.
I manage to reach the happiness of living from my passion, it still doesn’t feel like work. Photography is creativity, photography is fine art !
2020 I have decided to make my photography fully available by printing. Your purchase goes towards supporting my creative journey.
Happy to get in touch with you contact@farfadexphotography.com